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Mireia Prat: I do not want to step down from number one

                                                      Mireia Prat

We met with Mireia Prat right in the middle of the LETAS season, with seven tournaments played and seven remaining. Mireia is the current leader of the LET Access Series Order of Merit with a total of 13973.93 points, followed by colleague and compatriot Patricia Sanz. We talked about her season so far, her experiences on LETAS and plans for this year.

“ I have been playing mainly the LETAS events, all seven as we are know right in the middle of the season and I have won one, the Ocho Ladies Open in Galicia. This win gave me a lot of confidence for the rest of the year. I think LETAS is a tour that allows you to grow and get your game better towards the main tour, the LET. It helps you to keep in competition, as there are many tournaments… this allow you to get in shape. It helps me to grow as a player. Last year I played the LET and was not really convinced… and it turned out to be my learning period. But this year I am playing well in general and I am playing well in the LETAS events because I gained a lot of confidence after my first win.

The Open de Espana Femenino is my 4th LET event and my performance in the LETAS events has helped me to play these events much better.

My best memory up to date from this season on LETAS has been, obviously, my victory in Galicia, but also the events in Sweden, because we enjoyed them a lot and the golf courses are very good. The people and organisation of these tournaments, co-sanctioned with Nordea are very well organized. Also the Generali Ladies Tour events, with the French Golf Federation, they are all very well run. I did not expect them to be as good as that.

My plans the following weeks are to focus on LETAS, because it is hard to play both tours and difficult to combine them sometimes. I am going 100% for LETAS and this year I hope to finish within the top five on the Order of Merit, so I would have the right to play the entire following LET season. And in order to do so, I think that if I keep playing at the same level as I am doing right now, I think I will be able to retain my current position. But there are an additional seven events (after the one in Spain) still… My goal is not to let anyone get me down from my current number one spot on the rankings.

The keys of my performance this year have been my putting and the mental part. I have managed to reduce my average putts per round by two on my stats. I am also hitting the ball further, as I have been working out a lot with my fitness preparation. I think I have gained at least 10 metres. All these things have helped me to see myself as a much better player and to believe in myself a little more. Now, I am able to reach in two shots on some par 5’s and also hit shorter irons into the green. But I will keep on working on this for next season. So, basically my power, putter and mental attitude have been the keys of my performance so far this season. Regarding the mental game, Amaia Arrruti is helping me a lot. She has played on the LET so I learn a lot when I practice with her, and also with Joan Soler, the mental coach.

So, this year, my plans are to finish LETAS, end the season and prepare for next year to play just one tour, the Ladies European Tour. Hopefully, I will to go to the last tournament in Turkey a little relaxed and after that, I will go on holidays.”

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