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LET Access Series
How to follow a gluten-free diet on tour, like Fabienne In-Albon

Swiss LET rookie professional Fabienne In-Albon, winner of the 2013 Azores Ladies Open on the LET Access Series, follows a gluten-free diet on tour and gave a presentation about her nutritional programme to local golfers ahead of the Association Suisse de Golf Ladies Open 2014.

Fabienne has been following a disciplined regime for the last five years, which is not easy when you keep a tight playing schedule across 16 different countries.

Ironically, she says that Switzerland is the toughest country, because of the enticing selection of freshly baked breads on offer – and she cannot eat many deserts! However, in Sweden and Australia, she feels that it is easier to meet her dietary requirements.

She said: “I have an allergy against wheat which means I can’t eat gluten in my diet.  On tour it’s hard because you always eat out in restaurants and that just makes it a bit harder.”

As an active golfer who needs energy, Fabienne has taken the decision to supplement her diet with protein, including products from the Multipower range.

“I’ve had it for five years now and I just add a few more things to my diet like products from Multipower. I’m sponsored by them and they help me to have everything my body needs or I can add a few things if I don’t get them in a restaurant.

“Things like protein shakes are very important for me and I have a protein shake every day during tournaments but also eat bars on the course because I can’t eat normal bars, for example. I have a few multi-vitamins and supplements which the body needs if you don’t have a normal diet. You just have to plan ahead more.”

She tends to eat porridge for breakfast, which she sometimes supplements with protein powder.

“Some hotels don’t have yoghurt or the things I need to eat.  I can’t just eat fruit for example so usually I eat porridge that I can take anywhere. I just add some water or milk. I can’t eat pasta and bread and muesli in the morning but the doctor told me I don’t need it. Years ago you thought an athlete has to eat a lot of pasta, which of course has changed a lot now.”

She can eat most foods for lunch, except for bread or products made with flour. The same applies to dinners, although she always has to be careful with meats and sauces. She is always vigilant when shopping in the supermarket, carefully reading the food packaging in case of any hidden ingredients.

“You’ve got the things in dressings and flour with the meats, before they are grilled,” she says.

After suffering with stomach cramps and crippling migraines, she feels that the change was worth it.

“It was definitely a massive change but it helped me to perform better because I feel better. My diet is high protein, low fat and good carbs (fruit and vegetables) and that’s what my body needs to perform at a high level.”

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