A Quick 18 with Matia Maffiuletti

Italy's Matia Maffiuletti, with a season best tied 21st place at the La Nivelle Ladies Open, currently lies in 51st place on the LET Access Series Order of Merit.
Matia Maffiuletti

1. What is your earliest sporting memory? It's obviously about golf... I began to play at 9... maybe the tournaments on Sunday with my Dad in our country club.

2. What is the favourite club in your bag? 8 iron is my favourite one.

3. With whom would you like to play a fourball? Phil Mickelson, Ian Poulter and Camillo Villegas.

4. What was your proudest moment? When I won the Italian Championship under 14 in 2002 and the National Team called me to be part of the group.

5. What can’t you live without? My family and my dog Daisy.

6. What is your favourite golf course? I like a lot of Italian courses especially Milano Golf Club.

7. Any superstitions? When I play well I used to eat the same things as the day before...

8. Who do you most admire? My parents are a great example to follow for me.

9. What is your favourite meal? Italian pizza and ice cream...

10. How would you spend a perfect day? Playing golf with my dog on the course and then eating a big ice cream ...

11. What’s your motto for life? Keep calm and carry on.

12. Describe yourself in a word. Determined.

13. Neat or messy? Neat.

14. What’s your favourite song at the moment? Waka Waka, Shakira

15. What’s your passion outside golf? Foreign languages. I studied English, Spanish and French. Also reading books and dogs.

16. Motto for golf? Never a failure, always a lesson.

17. What’s in your golf bag other than clubs? A lot of cereal bars and sweets.

18. What is your best golfing tip? Making a swing around me without stopping till the finish.

Article from LET Access Series:
Published: 27/11/2011

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