Santander Golf Tour reinforces its commitment to women´s golf

On the 30th May, a press conference took place to announce the Santander Golf Tour 2018, a female golf circuit consisting of twelve events, to be held throughout the year throughout Spain.

Left to right: Gonzaga Escauriaza, Real Federación Española de Golf, Marta Figueras-Dotti, ambassador of the Santander Golf Tour 2018, Felipe Martín, director of sponsorships and RRSS of Santander Spain, Adela Martín, Director of Private Banking Santander Spain, Iñigo Aramburu, Director Santander Golf Tour 2018

  • The circuit will feature 11 women's professional events, one of them in double format, and another in Pro-Am format that will bring together the great legends of women's golf.
  • The winner of the annual ranking will receive a special prize "Emma Villacieros" awarded by the circuit's ambassador, Marta Figueras-Dotti.

On the 30th May, a press conference took place to announce the Santander Golf Tour 2018, a female golf circuit consisting of eleven events, to be held throughout the year throughout Spain.

The presentation at the headquarters of the Real Federacion Espanola de Golf, was attended by Gonzaga Escauriaza, president of the federation, Marta Figueras-Dotti, adviser of the Ladies European Tour and ambassador of the Santander Golf Tour 2018 Circuit, Adela Martín, Director of Private Banking Santander Spain, Felipe Martín, director of sponsorships and RRSS of Santander Spain, and Íñigo Aramburu, director of the circuit.

The event served to publicise the third edition of the circuit, which on this occasion will visit eleven prestigious venues throughout Spain:


C.G. Scorpion (Valencia) 10-13 July

C.G. La Peñaza (Zaragoza) 17-20 July

Mijas Golf (Malaga) 24 - 27 July 

R.C.G. Seville (Seville) 3-6 September

Golf Santander (Madrid) 26-27 September

C.G. Lerma (Burgos) 1-4 October

R.C.G. of La Coruña (A Coruña) 8-11 October

R.C.G. Neguri (Vizcaya) 15-18 October

Norba Golf (Cáceres) 22-25 October

RCG El Prat (Barcelona) 6-9 November

RCG Pedreña (Cantabria) 12-15 November

A new feature for one of the events, a tournament held at the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla will be in doubles format, played as a greensome on the first day and best ball on the final day. For its part, the Santander Golf Tour will host a two-day Pro-Am called the Pro-Am Legends, which will bring together the legends of professional women's golf in recent decades, both national and international.

Gonzaga Escauriaza, president of the Real Federacion Espanola de Golf, highlighted the magnificent opportunity that this circuit represents for the young promising players: "I am especially grateful to Banco Santander for its commitment to women's golf and to Deporte & Business for the twenty years it has been driving female professional golf in Spain. "

Felipe Martín, director of sponsorships and RRSS of Santander Spain, recalled the Bank's commitment to women's sports: "We are delighted to support this third edition of the Santander Tour, because it perfectly reflects the mission of the bank transferred to the world of sponsorship. Our mission is to help people and companies prosper and in this case, we say that thanks to Santander the girls have a national women's tournament in which they can develop and especially the youngest can take advantage to make that leap to professional status. When one of these girls triumphs in a Major we can say that we have contributed a grain of sand in that success."

Adela Martín, director of Private Banking at Santander Spain, spoke of Banco Santander's commitment to golf: "The bank is absolutely committed to sports and diversity, from a commercial point of view for our clients it is a luxury to be able to participate and play with these great players that we have in Spain, after three years of sponsorship, our vocation for continuity is clear and we put all the meat in the barbecue for this to go on. "

Finally, Marta Figueras-Dotti, pioneer as a professional golf player, and member of the Board of the Ladies European Tour, in her role as ambassador of the circuit and on behalf of all the Spanish professional players, thanked Banco Santander in the first place for maintaining and strengthening their support for professional female golf; also to the venues, which give the opportunity to young players to compete at some of the best venues in this country. "One of the things that the players have asked me is that the venues were more demanding at the sport level. In this sense I am convinced that we will not have any problem, both for the excellent level of the chosen venues and for going hand in hand with Deporte & Business."

On a personal level, Figueras-Dotti was very excited about the idea of ??spreading this great circuit as an ambassador, both nationally and internationally. Marta, excited in her appearance, has wanted to strengthen and perpetuate the golf legacy of Emma Villacieros, recently deceased: "This circuit arrives at a very special moment. As you all know a few weeks ago, Emma Villacieros died. She was my captain since she was 12 years old, she was my president ... I think she has been a spectacular person, and what she has done for women's golf in this country cannot be compared with anything.”

“Emma helped me a lot, she was very influential, and helped me get there in my career. We owe her a lot, and I personally very much. She was a very strong woman, very powerful. She had a lot of genius. And as a result of this, we have thought that in each event we are going to play, we will plant an oak tree as a symbol of Emma's strength and power. The symbol will reflect those ideas, the resources, the vitality, the energy and the passion that Emma had for this sport. And in name and in recognition of what this woman has done for me, I want to give at the end of the circuit a prize to the winner of the Santander ranking. I will donate a € 5,000 prize money on behalf of Emma Villacieros."

The Santander Golf Tour will have its own app and website: Likewise, it will be broadcast through multiple channels, and for the first time it will be retransmitted through Twitter.

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Published: 30/05/2018

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