A Quick 18 with Kyra van Leeuwen

1. What is your earliest sporting memory? Me (3 years old) running around with a tennis racquet.

2. What is the favourite club in your bag? Putter.

3. With whom would you like to play a fourball? B.B. King, Ernie Els, Dirk Kuijt.

4. What was your proudest moment? Winning my first tournament as a pro, on the Banesto Tour.

5. What can’t you live without? My boyfriend.

6. What is your favourite golf course? Noordwijk GC.

7. Any superstitions? I never play a ball with a #4 on it.

8. Who do you most admire? The Dalai Lama.

9. What is your favourite meal? Pizza and chocolate cake.

10. How would you spend a perfect day? I would sleep as much as possible.

11. What’s your motto for life? Enjoy life.

12. Describe yourself in a word. Honest.

13. Neat or messy? Depends on my mood.

14. What’s your favourite song at the moment? Airplanes.

15. What’s your passion outside golf? Krav maga.

16. Motto for golf? ‘I don’t have a care’.

17. What’s in your golf bag other than clubs? Balls, tees, glove, pitchfork, pencil, laser, umbrella, cap.

18. What is your best golfing tip? Putt till you die.