A quick chat with Elin Emanuelsson

Tell me something most people don’t know about you? I can figure skate.

What would you like to do for a living if you are not a pro golfer? I would like to organize events, any kind of sports events.

What super-human power would you choose to have? I wish I could fly.

Who would comprise your ideal four-ball? Mohammed Ali, Annika Sorenstam, Barack Obama and me.

Education? Which University and degree? I studied at Texas Christian University for four years and I have a degree in Communications.

How many and which languages do you speak? Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English and a little bit of Spanish.

What is the best part of your game? Putting (during this week) and tee-shots.

What is the weakest? My irons, shots into the green.

What have you been doing last season and how did you prepare to attend the LET Q-School 2012? I played on the Nordea Tour, around eleven or twelve in total. The season starts in May and before that I played some LETAS events in February and March and also in October and November. I have also played two events on the Banesto Tour. It was a good mix…because the LETAS did not have many tournaments during the middle of the summer so I was able to do both, Nordea and LETAS. I have played in total around 18 tournaments. During fall and December, I went to Spain to practice in Mallorca.