A quick chat with Sohvi Harkonen

Where do you usually practice? I practice in Imatran Golf, in the same town where I was born.

What would you like to do for a living if you are not a pro golfer? I would like to organize events, any kind of sports events.

Education? Which University and Degree? I graduated in Hotel and Restaurant Management, in the Polytechnic School in Imatra (Finland).

What have you been doing last season and how did you prepare to attend the LET Q-School 2012? I played on the LET Access Series, almost a full calendar, which is around seven tournaments and the Nordea Tour, 13 tournaments, which it is almost a total of 20 tournaments. I have been able to practice a lot of competition on these tours. My last tournament has been the Azores, a LETAS event in December. After that I spent one week in Lisbon and came home at Christmas. You can practice at home, but because of the snow, you have to do it indoors, putting and hitting some balls. But, it is different.

What do you think you would need to improve to play on the LET next year? I think I have to keep on practicing, a lot, but in Scandinavia it is difficult to practice. I would need to improve my putting, I could do it there, but the conditions of the greens are not very good.

Driving distance? 220 m.

How many holes in one? I made one hole in one and one albatross.